Invited Lectures

What is Intelligence?

The Future of Intelligence
Nobel Week Dialogue 2015

Gothenburg 9 December

Stumbling into an artificial future

The unknown, 100 years from now: A voyage of discovery
Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown

Lisbon, 4-5 December

REALITY CHECK: Österreichs Weg zum Innovation Leader

Europatagung 2015 BMWFW

Vienna, 26 November

The Cunning of Uncertainty
Why Science and Society Should Remain Open to the Unexpected


Vienna, 11 November

Die Unsicherheit des Morgen

Österreichisch-Schweizerische Kulturgesellschaft Zürich

Zürich, 26 October

Social Sciences and the Humanities in the Age of the Anthropocence

College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Nanyang Technological University

Singapore, 20 October

Future of Higher Education

In Conversation with Professor Helga Nowotny, Professor Stephen Parker AO, Steven Schwartz AM and facilitated by Professor Anthony Elliott

Adelaide, 13 October

The Cunning of Uncertainty

HRI Annual Distinguished Lecture
University of South Australia, Hawke Research Institute

Adelaide, 12 October

Eigenzeit Revisited

Haus der Kulturen der Welt
Hundert Jahre Gegenwart

Berlin, 30 September-4 October

Welche Sozialwissenschaften für welche Gesellschaft?

Fakultätstag der Fakultät für Sozialwissenschaften 2015

Vienna, 24 September

The messiness of real world problems - are we asking the wrong questions?

Crossing Boarders 34th Conference of Rectors and Presidents of European Universities of Technology

Aalto University, 18-19 September

The Curricula and Humanistic Scholarship: Between Tacit Knowledge and Public Discourse International Workshop

The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, 9-10 September

Entrepreneurship: What Can Science Contribute?

European Forum Alpbach

Alpbach, 28 August

Responsible Science
Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft im Dialog

BMWFW, Federal Ministry of Science Research and Economy

Vienna, 17 June

Mobility in scientific careers:
Coping with uncertainty when all are talented

Festival Economia Trento
Social Mobility

Trento, 29 May-2 June

Beyond Innovation. Temporalities. Re-use. Emergence.

Gifford Lectures, University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh, 13 May

Great Expectations
A symposium on the future of humanities and social sciences

50th anniversary celebration Riksbankens Jubileumsfond

Stockholm, 6 May

Connecting Open Research, Open Education and Open Social Impact

2015 Paris Assembly

Paris, 16-18 April

International co-operation beyond Europe

Science Europe High Level Workshop 2015, FWF

Vienna, 13-14 April

The Cunning of Uncertainty

Arizona State Univeristy

Phoenix, 7 April

Between day science and night science - and why we need both

UCSIA International Workshop SCIENCE SHAPING THE WORLD OF TOMORROW. Scientific Imagination and Development of Society

Antwerpen, 18-20 March

A social scientist in the land of scientific promise

L’Institut d’Etudes Avancées de Nantes

Nantes, 10 March

Nobel Prize Dialogue Tokyo 2015

Tokyo, 1 March

A social scientist in the land of scientific promise

Marie Jahoda Annual Lecture
SPRU, University of Sussex

Brighton, 26 February

Understanding Complexity - Offering Solutions to Problems of the 21st Century

Complexity Science HUB Vienna

Vienna, 9-10 February

Workshop Equal Opportunity

Max Planck Institute for Human Development

Berlin, 4-5 February

Nach den fetten jetzt die mageren Jahre:
Braucht Forschungspolitik ein neues Design?

Club Research

Vienna, 26 January

Lost in transdisciplinarty? Transdisziplinarität im Kontext universitärer Strukturen

Looking Back Looking Ahead
University of Vienna

Vienna, 22 January

Science in Transition: Reflections on Impact

Radboud University Medical Center

Nijmegen, 19 January

Europäische Forschungsexzellenz an der ÖAW

Club Research Excellence, Radiokulturhaus

Vienna, 16 January