Invited Lectures

Corona Year 2021

In AI We Trust: Reflections on co-evolution, digitalization and cooperation

The Governance of Artificial Intelligence in the Post-Covid-19 World: Social Responsibility, Democracy and Transnational Cooperation
laCaixa & ACUP & Globernance

Barcelona, 6 & 7 April, virtual talk

Leadership challenges of academic institutions: conflicting expectations, uncertainty and robustness

The Future of Academic
Leadership (Dialogue II), SNSF

Virtual lecture, 22 March

Arts Humanities and the Social Sciences, a rich vein of learnings and
creativity for industry

LERU Enterprise & Innovation Policy Group meeting

Virtual meeting, 11 March

Digitaler Humanismus - Welcher Ethik bedarf es fuer das digitale
Zeitalter und wie sieht eine Utopie fuer die digitale Gesellschaft aus?

BSA Doebling

Virtual discussion, 17 February

In AI We Trust: the case of discriminatory algorithms

NTU School of Humanities

Virtual lecture, 27 January