Invited Lectures

Corona Year 2021

In AI We Trust, Power, Illusion and Control of Predictive Algorithms

ERC Scientific Seminar

Brussels, 13 December, virtual seminar

AI Between Scientific Research And Societal Impact

New Center for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
TU Wien

Vienna, 2 December

The fight against misinformation in Europe

VIII Bilbao European Encounters

Bilbao, 25 November, virtual talk

The Argument for a New, Digital Humanism

13th Global Peter Drucker Forum

Vienna, 18-19 November

How Far Can Research Take Us?

13th Peter Drucker Forum

virtual talk, 17 November

Social Science since AI: Challenges and Controversies

Special lecture by Helga Nowotny and Anthony Elliott, hosted by Keio University and the University of South Australia.

virtual talk, 15 November

The place of researchers in the new ERA

New ERA Presidency Conference

Brdo, 26-27 October

Keynote Speech

Launch of TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology

Munich, 14 October, virtual talk

Complexity Science
zwischen neuem Weltbild und Pandemie-Management

Laudatio Watzlawick Ehrenring 2021

Vienna, 7 October

The Imaginary Dialogue Between Science and the Public:
Searching for Institutional Robustness

Berliner Empfang 2021-2022
Institute for Advanced Study, Berlin

Berlin, 27 September

Unpredictable Time(s)

Wiener Festwochen

Vienna, 11 September

Quantum Computing

European Forum Alpbach, Technology Days, Plenary session

Alpbach, 27 August

Scientific Policy Advice

European Forum Alpbach, Technology Days, Breakout Session

Alpbach, 26 August

RTI in the post-Covid era

European Forum Alpbach, Technology Days

Alpbach, 26 August

In AI We Trust
Power, Illusion and Control of Predictive Algorithms

Hawke EU Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence 2021 Annual Lecture

Vienna, 20 July

In AI We Trust
Power, Illusion and Control of Predictive Algorithms

Yehuda Elkana Fellowship Lecture and Workshop 2021

Vienna, 22 June

In AI We Trust: Reflections on co-evolution, digitalization and cooperation

The Governance of Artificial Intelligence in the Post-Covid-19 World: Social Responsibility, Democracy and Transnational Cooperation
laCaixa & ACUP & Globernance

Barcelona, 6 & 7 April, virtual talk

Leadership challenges of academic institutions: conflicting expectations, uncertainty and robustness

The Future of Academic
Leadership (Dialogue II), SNSF

Virtual lecture, 22 March

Arts Humanities and the Social Sciences, a rich vein of learnings and
creativity for industry

LERU Enterprise & Innovation Policy Group meeting

Virtual meeting, 11 March

Digitaler Humanismus - Welcher Ethik bedarf es fuer das digitale
Zeitalter und wie sieht eine Utopie fuer die digitale Gesellschaft aus?

BSA Doebling

Virtual discussion, 17 February

In AI We Trust: the case of discriminatory algorithms

NTU School of Humanities

Virtual lecture, 27 January