Invited Lectures

Imagining Our Digital Future - How Human Will It Be?

Vienna Workshop on Digital Humanism
Faculty of Informatics - TU Wien

Vienna, 4-5 April

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics

Austrian Institute of Technology

Vienna, 2-3 April

Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence for Humanity

NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity (NISTH)

Singapore, 11 March

A humble view from inside evolution: imagining our digital future

IST Austria Science and Society Lecture
Raiffeisen Lecture Hall

Klosterneuburg, 6 March

Prepararsi per un futuro incerto - il ruolo delle universita tecniche

Politecnico di Milano

Milan, 4 March

Fast am Ziel - der lange Weg zum Innovation-Leader

Industriellenvereinigung Wien

Vienna, 27 February

Conversation with Prof Helga Nowotny

Women Researchers Network (WReN)
ETH Centre Singapore

Singapore, 15 February

CLASS-NISTH Distinguished Public Lecture II: Experimenting, Experiencing, Reflecting - Art and science at work in the public realm

School of Social Sciences, NTU

Singapore, 13 February

Visible Transformation and Invisible Algorithm

Unpacking Industry 4.0: The Limits of Digitalizing Everything
NTU School of Humanities & School of Social Sciences

Singapore, 8 February

CLASS-NISTH Distinguished Public Lecture I: Our digital future - how human will it be?

School of Social Sciences, NTU

Singapore, 31 January

GYSS Dialogue - Science meets Art: How to shape the future of humanity

School Of Art, Design and Media, NTU

Singapore, 22 January